ruinedworlds (ruinedworlds) wrote in ljwe_raw,

WTF.... whats up with the night of the whimpy roll ups

Ok, Bad Blood SUCKED! All but three matches end in a roll up victory (to be fair i think there were only six matches), and not only that but all three endings were unbelievably weak. I have never felt i didn't get at least my money worth on a pay per view till now. On a positive note, i really enjoy watching Eugene. Maybe its just nostalga for me, growing up watching wrestling in the 80's and clips of older matches, but his preformance far and away stole the show for me. My only hope coming out of Bad Blood is maybe the Raw staff wasn't happy with the end result either and will kick it up a notch during Raw tonight or try to start tyring to develope their storylines better.
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