spawn_syxx9 (spawn_syxx9) wrote in ljwe_raw,

Raw Thoughts 06-01-04

Well with La Resistance winning the Tag Titles, it does two things in my opinion. It shows that Sylvian and Rob are just as strong as they were with Rene', thouh I personally like this duo more. Rene' always seemed more like a singles guy.

Also it allows them to get Edge out of the tag scene. If he doesn't main event soon, I doubt he ever will.

Victoria impresses me more and more every time she wrestles. And I don't mean her puppies.

Shelton just might be the one to take the title away from Randy. He has held that title for a while now and hasn't defended it all that much. (side note: he has held it since December 14, 2003)

I got home during the Matt vs Garrison Cade match. Are they ever going to give Cade a decent win less on Heat ><!!! And what the hell happend to the Lita Kane story. Watch, she allows Kane to win at Bad Blood :-p

Eugene v Kane... so disinterested in that match. Why the hell did they book it so that Eugene won!! totally killed the heat Kane was getting.




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