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Mania Highlights and low points

Wrestlemania XX

Where it all begins again!(and no spoilers for those who havent seen it)

For the most part it did... I was actually happy overall with the show (minus one match i'll get to). The matches for the most part were good pay per view matches with one glaring exception. Goldberg Vs. Lesnar(read: beer run match)... sorry but the only thing i liked was it finally ended. My favorite, The Undertaker, returned and it was very sweet. Not what i expected, but it was a modern version of the old Taker. Funny thing is, it was two power guys just like Lesnar/Goldberg, it was far shorter and far and away better than watching the beer run match of the night. And the ending..... PHENOMENAL! if you didn't catch it, tape raw, ignore the wrestling websites, use the fast forward button during the beer run, and watch the rebroadcast on Tuesday...
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