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Raw thoughts

First off my thoughts on the matches ^^

Victoria defeated Jazz, Molly Holly, and Lita to win the Women's Championship

While one of the first female matches I have ever watched in WWE or anywhere for that matter, I was highly entertained. Jazz being out so soon though didn't make all that much sense seeing as how I thought she was supposed to be tough, but it made sense match wise and I was happy to see Victoria Win. Lita, while very entertaining, wrestled rather sloppily last nite and I am guessing it is due to the traveling. She has been reportedly doing a lot on the house curcuit so yeah ^^

Randy Orton defeated Val Venis in non-title bout

Say what you will about Val, but he brings more experience than a lot of you prolly know, no offense. And he does have that value to be able to tell a story through the wrestling very well. From what I remember it did seem as if he was going to win and was working on the fact that Orton has had some shoulder problems in the past while Orton worked out his back which we all know has been damaged very much. So it was a very well worked match and Orton and Venis should go at it again :)

Chris Benoit defeated Batista

Didn't really know what to think of this match, it was as good as I thought it would be but they stil do not let Batista showcase what he has to offer wrestling wise ^^ so yeah :) But, I do like how they are actually putting Batista out there, I think one day he will bypass teh IC title and go straight for the World title. He is that good, I don't know why people can't see that. It isn't his entertainment value I guess, but he really can work a good match when given the chance.

Rob Van Dam & Booker T defeated La Resistance

Had me going either way ^^ it was a great match and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to end. La Resistance is pretty good even without Sylvan Grenier. RVD and Booker though do make a pretty good team despite their tussle a while back in the Invasion story ^^

Christian defeated Trish Stratus

It does promote a Christian versus Y2J at WM20 so yeah.

Mr. McMahon vs. Eric Bischoff ended in a no contest and Austin getting the F5!!!

Hell yeah, that was actually very entertaining and I am going to enjoy seeing Brock and Goldberg a lot ^^ powerhouse match of course but you gotta love it :)


Very entertaining and actually one of the most entertaining as of late so yeah ^^

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