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Chris Benoit History

Chris Benoit was born in Montreal, Canada in 1967. Benoit's family soon moved to Edmonton in 1979, where Benoit first discovered Stu Hart's Stampede wrestling. His favorite wrestler was the Dynamite Kid, and when Benoit got to meet his idol in person, Chris told him that he was going to be just like the great Dynamite Kid when he grew up.

Benoit went to many shows as he grew up, and eventually got a job setting up the ring. Shortly after his high school graduation, Chris Benoit was invited to train at the infamous Stu Hart Dungeon in Calgary in 1985. Under the watchful eye of Hart family, Benoit soon became one of the Dungeon's prize students. There was never any quit in Benoit--he always pushed harder.

Benoit had his first match with Stampede in December 1, 1985, in a tag team match. With his partner Jason the Terrible (Rich Patterson), he defeated Leatherface (Karl Moffat) and Mike Hammer in Calgary. Benoit would find gold fast, when he and his partner Ben Bassarab defeated The Honky Tonk Man (Wayne Ferris) & Ron Starr for the Stampede Tag Team titles in Regina, SK, Canada on March 1, 1986. They lost the belts to the Cuban Assassin and the Honky Tonk Man, but Benoit found a new partner in Keith Hart. Benoit got his second Stampede tag title reign on May 9, in Calgary, AB, Canada.

During the end of 1986, Benoit had received an opportunity to train in Japan, under New Japan Pro Wrestling. He had his first match in New Japan on January, 1987, and stayed there for 9 months. His train and contact complete with New Japan, he left back home to reunite with his old friends in Stampede Wrestling.

He started to tag with Johnny Smith, who soon turned on Benoit, igniting a 17 month feud between the two over the British-Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Championship, which Benoit would gain from Gama Singh in Calgary, AB, Canada, on March 19, 1988. Benoit would hold the belt three more times, winning it from Johnny Smith the rest of the time. During this time, Benoit found tag team gold as well, as he teamed with Lance Idol to defeat Jerry Morrow & Cuban Assassin on October 7th, and with Biff Wellington defeating Makkan & Vokkan Singh on December 30, 1988. (Both times in Calgary.)

In 1989, as the British Bulldogs were in the middle of a vicious feud, Chris Benoit wound up being on the other end of the ring of his long time idol, the Dynamite Kid. Benoit aligned himself with Davey Boy Smith, while The Dynamite Kid aligned himself with Benoit's rival, Johnny Smith. Unfortunately, Stampede went under and closed in December, 1989. Benoit left his homeland again, seeking gold back in Japan.

Benoit returned to New Japan on February 10th, 1990, donning a mask and a new name, "The Pegasus Kid". With his partner Naoki Sano and 60,000 fans at the Egg Dome, he would defeat Jushin "Thunder" Liger and Akira Nogami at Super Fight '90. Over the next few months, The Pegasus Kid and Jushin Liger would have a bitter feud over the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. In Tokyo, Japan on August 19, 1990, Benoit would be the second westerner to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. The only other westerner to do so was fellow Canadian and friend Owen Hart. Benoit would only hold the title for three months, as Liger regains the belt.

Chris Benoit lost a mask vs. mask match to Liger on April 7, 1991, and Benoit adopted the name Wild Pegasus in Japan. A masked Pegasus Kid, however, had won the WWF Light-Heavyweight Championship from Villano III in Nauculpan, MX a month earlier on March 3. Benoit would compete in Top of the Super Juniors in April, losing in the semi-finals to eventual winner Honaga. Benoit finally settled in Mexico and the Universal Wrestling Alliance, where the WWF Light Heavyweight title was now based. Benoit had made himself available for other international feds, and was soon ocean jumping once again. He teamed with David Taylor to win the Catch Wrestling Alliance Tag team titles on December 21, 1991, defeating Miles Zrno & Tony St. Clair in Berlin, Germany. They would soon vacate the belts, and Benoit would fight in two tournaments; the Top of the Super Junior, held in Japan in April, and the NWA tag team tournament with his old partner Biff Wellington in Atlanta on June 16, 1992. Benoit would be tied for fourth place in the Top of the Super Juniors, and he and Biff would loose in the first round to former rival Jushin Liger and fellow Dungeon graduate Brian Pillman in the NWA tournament. Benoit would lose the WWF Light-Heavyweight title back to Vilano III in September, after a 18 month reign. All of his losses, however, had a silver lining. Soon after his loss to Vilano III, Benoit gets a call from New Japan, as well as WCW, and agrees to compete in both organizations.

Impressed by Benoit's performance in the NWA tag team tournament, WCW offers Benoit a one year contract, starting January, 1993. Benoit had enough flexibility in his contact to stay with New Japan, but it caused the WCW to use Benoit as a jobber most of the time. Benoit's success was mainly in Japan, where he defeated El Samurai in the finals of the Top of the Super Juniors.

In what would be called the hardest night in his wrestling career, Benoit would find more success on April 16, 1993 when he would participate in the Super J Cup tournament at the Sumo Hall in Toyko, Japan. The participants included Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero), Dean Malenko, Too Cold Scorpio, and Chris Jericho. Benoit had gotten a bye, due to Liger's ankle injury, which put Benoit in the finals. Chris Benoit would defeat the Great Sasuke to win the tournament.

Benoit got a tryout as "The Pegasus Kid" in the WWF and put into Ted Dibaise's stable of wrestlers. Although Benoit cut a promo and wrestled, he only lasted a month in the WWF, without a TV appearance. Wanting to wrestling in the USA, he accepted an offer by ECW to wrestle there. Benoit still wrestled under New Japan during his ECW stint, Benoit was able to face every light heavyweight in the world, adding onto his prestige as a wrestler. He and formal rival Jushin Liger would compete in the Super Grade Tag League III in October, which showed that Super Juniors could hold their own in the tag team ranks.

During 1994, Benoit would be competing on regional feds and international feds. He would compete in the Best of the Super Junior in June, 1994, only to be tied for third place in the point standings. He would get another opportunity to become IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion on September 27, 1994 in Osaka, Japan, when he participated in the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tournament. He would lose to Honoga once again, this time in the finals. In October, Benoit and Shinjiro Ohtani would defeat Kensuke Sasuke & Black Tiger in the finals of the Junior Heavyweight Super Grade Tag League in Japan. Now it was time for Benoit to make his jump back to America and show the world what he was truly made of.

Benoit would soon make an impact in the States as well, in the organization known as ECW. The name "The Crippler" was created on November 19th, 1994. That was the day Benoit hurt Sabu's back so badly, that he cracked Sabu's vertebrae and bruised his spinal cord. Benoit's reign of terror continued, when he powerbombed Sabu through a table with a prone Rocco Rock lying on top on February 4th, 1995, during a run-in attack with his tag team partner, Dean Malenko. Rocco Rock would be confined to a wheelchair for several months.

Benoit and Malenko would gain the ECW tag team titles three weeks later on Feb. 25, defeating Tazmaniac and Sabu at the ECW arena in Philadelphia, PA. During the match, a watching Public Enemy were attacked. Rocco Rock, still in a wheelchair, took a double team clothesline from Benoit and Malenko which registered at 15 mph. Benoit and Malenko would join forces with Shane Douglas to form the very first version of the Triple Threat. Benoit and Malenko would lose the ECW tag titles to the Public Enemy in a three way dance with Rick Steiner and Tazmaniac on April 8.

Benoit soon left for the Orient once again, gain even more prestige as a junior heavyweight. Benoit would defeat WCW's own Too Cold Scorpio at Kollision in Korea on April 28, in Pyongyang, North Korea. WCW was impressed once again by Benoit's talents, and re-negotiated a contract for him, as well as his tag team partner Dean Malenko. Benoit would also win the Best of the Super Junior in July, defeating his former tournament championship partner Shinjiro Ohtani in the finals. The Korean card was broadcasted in August, which made for a great preparation for Benoit to enter the WCW. Benoit was on his way to the main stream.

Benoit would enter the WCW in September, 1995 with Dean Malenko by his side. Benoit was met with a rough welcome in September, when during a match against J.L. (Jerry Lynn) and Eddie Guererro, Malenko was thrown through the ropes at Benoit, cause Benoit to fall to the floor, losing a tooth. Benoit and Malenko got their first PPV experience at Halloween Havoc on October 29, defeating the Blue Bloods. Soon after, the booking committee decided to split the duo, seeing that both were excellent singles wrestlers, and more useful in the singles ranks. Benoit got his first US title shot that year with champion Kensuke Sasaki, which was an excellent display of his talents.

November 1995 saw the entrance of Chris Benoit into the Horsemen. The roster included Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Brian Pillman. Brian Pillman and Chris Benoit would be a tag team off and on, as Pillman was soon involved in a bitter feud with Kevin Sullivan and his Dungeon of Doom stable. Pillman left WCW for good February 11, 1986, when he walked out of a match between himself and Kevin Sullivan within a minute of the bell ringing. Benoit picked up where Pillman left off, gaining Sullivan's former manager Woman as a supporter.

The famous Benoit-Sullivan feud began at Slamboree '96, on May 19, 1996 in Baton Rough, LA. During the Lord of the Rings tournament, Benoit and Sullivan were drawn as tag team partners to face The Public Enemy in a qualifying match. The two distinctly hated each other, and soon fought each other, causing Benoit to lose the fall to Rocco Rock.

Benoit would take a short sabbatical to Japan in June to enter the Best of the Super Junior. He would lose to Black Tiger in the semi-finals.

When Benoit returned, Sullivan was waiting for him. At The Great American Bash in Baltimore, MD, on June 16, Benoit and Sullivan had of their first "falls count anywhere" matches. Benoit would pin Sullivan after suplexing him through a table. Fellow Horsemen Arn Anderson would aid in Benoit's cause by coming out helping Benoit beat Sullivan after the match. Arn agreed to tag with Benoit verses Sullivan and The Giant at Bash at the Beach on July 7 in Daytona Beach, FL. Anderson would lose the fall, but Benoit would stand firm against the ironically named "Dungeon of Doom."

Hog Wild saw Chris Benoit face his former tag team partner Dean Malenko in what could be considered a suplex clinic. Kevin Sullivan had hired Malenko to take out Benoit. They wrestled until time expired, but the referee gave them a 5 minute overtime. After that ended, the ref gave them one more overtime period, stating that there must be a winner. Benoit came out on top at 26:55.

Benoit took on all challengers, no matter what size. He lost to the Giant at Clash of the Champions XXXIII in Denver, CO on August 15, but defeated Chris Jericho a month later at Fall Brawl on September 15, 1996 in Winston-Salem, NC. That same night, a new Horseman was named, ex-football player-turned-commentator Steve "Mongo" McMichaels. Mongo helped in the current Horsemen feud with the Dungeon of Doom, helping him defeat Meng and the Barbarian at Halloween Havoc in Las Vegas, NV on October 27. Benoit would enter the World War 3 battle royal on November 24 with little success.

Around this time, Jeff Jarrett was campaigning to become a Horsemen. Trying to discourage Jarrett, Arn stated that if he could beat Mongo and Benoit, he would be let in. Jarrett defeated Benoit at Starrcade on December 29 in Jarrett's home town of Memphis, TN. Jarrett would defeat Mongo the next month and become a Horseman.

Things started to heat up in January, 1997, when it was revealed that Benoit and Woman's relationship was more than just business--it was also personal. Benoit had convinced Woman, who was Sullivan's wife at the time, that Sullivan wasn't any good for her. Sullivan soon retaliated by get himself a valet by the name of Miss Jacqueline. On January 21, Benoit defeated Sullivan in a "falls count anywhere" match at the Clash of Champions, which started to introduce tables into the WCW establishment. At Superbrawl 7, February 23, Benoit would defeat Sullivan once again, this time in a "San Francis street fight", which saw Benoit put both Sullivan and Miss Jacqueline, who was sheilding Sullivan, through a table.

The nWo had been wreaking havoc for 9 months, and the Horsemen soon through their hat into the fray. Roddy Piper, who was seeking a team to help eliminate the nWo, had held try-outs, which ultimately failed miserably. Flair, being Piper's long time friend, offered the Horsemen as his back up. On March 16's PPV, Uncensored, Benoit would be eliminated by Kevin Nash, after a valiant effort, showing that size doesn't matter when kicking ass. The nWo would eventually win, defeating the Horsemen and team WCW, but Benoit proved that he was ready to take the next step for a single's title.

For the second time on PPV, Benoit would have to face Malenko at Spring Stampede on April 6. This time, it was for the U.S. title. that Malenko had recently won from Eddie Guererro a month earlier. Kevin Sullivan had interfered in the match, causing a no-contest in what was another great technical match. Sullivan sent his men in the Dungeon of Doom to take care of business, as Benoit took each one out, one by one.

Sullivan had taken a short hiatus from wrestling, and it was up to the Dungeon to finish his dirty work. The best man to do the job was the unstoppable Meng.

Benoit and Meng would be set up in a "death match" at Slamboree on May 18. After the assistance of the rest of the Dungeon, Benoit would be forced to submit in the dreaded Tongan death grip.

Benoit gained some revenge when he faced Meng in a return death match at The Great American Bash, force Meng to submit in the Crippler Crossface. Both men were so exhausted after the match, that both were carried out on stretchers.

Sullivan soon returned to settle unfinished business. Sullivan admitted that "The WCW wasn't big enough for the two of them" and challenged Benoit to a retirement match at Bash at the Bash on July 13. After causing both the Barbarian and Meng to submit the previous weeks, Benoit defeated Sullivan with a Crippler Crossface, which spelled the end of Kevin Sullivan's career.

A new era in the Horsemen began as the Horsemen turned it's focus once again at the nWo. Benoit and Ric Flair would face The Outsiders for the tag team titles that July, which showed Benoit once again fighting larger men and showing that size doesn't matter. Flair and Benoit would lose the match, but the popularity of Chris Benoit would grow to new levels.

Jeff Jarrett was soon attacked by the Horsemen, being officially kicked out of the Horsemen. Steve McMichaels and Jeff Jarrett would soon face the same situation Benoit and Sullivan had--when Mongo's wife start to back Double J. Double J had soon convinced Dean Malenko to team with him at Road Wild on August 9, in a tag team elimination bout with Benoit and Steve McMicahels. Jarrett was eliminated by Mongo, leaving Malenko to fend off two Horsemen. Mongo would get the second pin for the team, after Benoit softened Malenko.

Curt Hennig soon enter the WCW, and Flair wanted him to be apart of the Horsemen. Arn Anderson had decided he was going to retire, and agreed with Ric that Hennig would take Arn's stop in the Horsemen. Hennig agreed to join the Horsemen. It would be the worst decision the Horsemen would ever make.

At Fall Brawl on September 14, the Horsemen would face the nWo in the Horsemen's domain, the War Games cage match. Benoit fought diligently against Kevin Nash, Konnan, Marcus Bagwell, and Syxx, only to have Curt Hennig turn on Ric Flair, smashing his face in the steel cage door. Mongo would submit in the end, but the damage would be done for the Horsemen.

About two weeks later, Ric Flair would dissolve the Horsemen over the telephone, causing each member to go their separate ways. Benoit was scheduled to face Hennig for the U.S. title, which he won from McMichaels the day after War Games, but Ric Flair got the spot to get even with Hennig. However, Benoit would break Hennig's nose at a WCW Saturday night taping in October, getting a little revenge on the traitorous former Horsemen. Benoit's focus was soon turned to another piece of gold, the TV title, which was being held by old ECW foe Perry Saturn. He nearly defeated him on Nitro that November, but Perry Saturn's teammates on "Raven's Flock" entered the ring, causing a DQ. Benoit would be going through the Flock one by one in order to face Raven, the leader of the group. In the midst of the feud, Benoit would pin Hennig at a house show, only to have it stripped by Nick Patrick.

Saturn would defeat Benoit with help of the Flock at Starrcade on December 28, causing Benoit to submit. Benoit would gain two allies, Dean Malenko and Steve McMichaels, which would help his cause against the Flock. But soon, Benoit would be seeking a bigger prize, the U.S. title.

Benoit would finally seek some success in WCW in 1998. Benoit would gain Malenko's help after an extraordinary match between two on a Nitro taping on January 12. Both were eventually attacked by the Flock, deeming the match a no-contest.

Benoit would eventually face Raven at Souled Out on January 24, causing Raven to pass out in the Crippler Crossface. The Flock came in after the match was over to attack Benoit, but Dean Malenko came in to help Benoit. On January 29, Benoit and Malenko tag for the first time in two years and would defeat two members of the Flock.

Benoit would interview that same night, demanding a match with DDP for the U.S. title. Seeing fit to give him a shot, U.S. champ Diamond Dallas Page accepted the challenge the next week on February 5. Benoit would near win the match, but Raven's flock interfered, causing a DQ. Benoit and DDP would have a rematch at SuperBrawl VIII on February 22, in what was a spectacular match between the two. Benoit would lose the match, after a marvelous reversal into the Diamond Cutter from DDP.

On March 5, DDP would be attacked by the Flock, only to be saved by Benoit. DDP soon attacked Benoit, and Raven joined in the fray. The three would face off at Uncensored on March 15 for the U.S. title. Benoit would ultimately lose, helping the winner DDP to his feet after the match. Benoit would lose to Raven the next night, and Benoit would soon set his sights on TV champion Booker T.

Benoit would face Booker T on two consecutive Mondays, both winding up time limit draws. WCW decided that a third match was in order at Spring Stampede, April 19, which resulted in Benoit getting Booker T in the Crippler Crossface, only to have no referee to count the win. Booker T wound up winning the match, but this was only the beginning. Benoit would win the TV belt at several house shows, only to lose them back to Booker T the next night at other house shows. WCW would not count the reigns, and Benoit was stuck being "the man without a title."

Booker T would lose the TV title to Fit Finley, with the help of Benoit, and it was decided that Benoit and Booker T would do a best of 7 series for the number 1 contender of the TV title. At Thunder, Booker T was declared the number one contender for the TV Title, this didn't sit well with Benoit, who laid out Booker T. At Nitro, May 25th, we were witness to the first match in the best of seven series between Benoit and Booker T to declare the number one contender for the TV Title. It was truly a great match, where Benoit came out on top with the Crippler Crossface. At Thunder Benoit lost the second match, but Benoit got the last laugh at Saturday Night and Nitro, June 2nd, which means Benoit leads 3-1. At Thunder, June 4th, Booker T won the fifth match with a little help from his brother Stevie Ray. Booker T also won the sixth match at Nitro, and again Stevie Ray had a thing to say, so it will all be settled at Thunder.

On May 25th Nitro, Benoit defeated Booker T for the first time with the Crippler Crossface. Benoit would lose at May 28th Thunder, only to gain victories at May 30th WCW Saturday Night and June 2 Nitro. Benoit was up three to one. On the June 4th Thunder, Stevie Ray would cause Benoit to lose his momentum and the match, when he interfered. June 9th Nitro, Stevie Ray interfered again, causing Benoit to lose, tying the series at 3 apiece. On the June 12th Thunder, Bret Hart offered Benoit a spot on the nWo, but Benoit refused. Benoit would later take on Booker T that night, and Bret Hart interfered by knocking out Booker T with a chair. Benoit refused to pin Booker T, and told the referee everything. Benoit was DQ’ed and Booker T won the best of seven. However, Booker T told the head of the booking committee J.J. Dillion that he didn't want to win in that fashion, so it was decided that Benoit and Booker T would face off at The Great American Bash June 14, with the winner facing T.V. champion Fit Finley that night. Benoit would lose to Booker T that night.

On the June 16th edition of Nitro, Benoit would defeat Fit Finley (who lost the TV title at the PPV to Booker T) and Mean Gene conducted an interview after the match. Mean Gene asked if Benoit respected Booker T. Benoit invited Booker T out and when he entered the ring, Benoit shook his hand. Stevie Ray soon came in and attacked Benoit. Steve McMichaels came to Benoit's rescue. Benoit grabbed a mic after the ring was clear of all the riff raff, and told Mongo he was there for one reason, and gave the Four Horsemen sigh.

Benoit started the campaign to put the Horsemen back together. After confronting Arn on several occasions, Arn simply refused to reunite the group. Benoit would have a rough night on June 22, when he got attacked by Stevie Ray in the locker room, sacrificed himself to save Mongo from being hit by a chair in a match by Stevie Ray in a match with Booker T, and he lost in a match with Bret Hart--which was a superb match. Hart used a foreign object while Stevie Ray distracted the referee. Benoit would fracture his elbow while training in Japan a couple weeks later and Dean Malenko would take on the reformation of the Horsemen campaign.

While Benoit was laid up--Malenko did the talking. One several occasions Malenko, J.J. Dillion, and Steve McMichaels would confront Arn to get the Horsemen back together. Arn simply stated that he was too old and that Malenko didn't know what it means to be a Horsemen. Malenko fought Curt Hennig in a series of matches on behalf of the Horsemen cause.

September 14, 1998--the day that the world was waiting for. A surprise was brewing at the Nitro that night. J.J. Dillion was decked out in a tux and was zip lipped on what was going on that night. J.J. Dillion and Arn Anderson came out to the ring, and Arn apologized to J.J. for the harsh words he spoke to him. Then Arn asked the three other gut involved in the campaign out. Benoit was first, followed by Steve McMichaels, and finally Dean Malenko. Arn apologized to each one for his comments, and told Dean Malenko that "He was wrong to say that Malenko didn't know what it's like to be a Horsemen." Finally, Arn calls out Ric Flair. Flair comes out and makes a roof popping speech and the Horsemen were back together.

Benoit officialy went back into action on October 13, in a tag match with Malenko verses Disco Inferno and Alex Wright. The elbow was back to 100% and Malenko and Benoit came up victorious. Benoit would face Bret Hart in a rematch on the Nov. 22 edition of Nitro. The match ended with Bret Hart getting DQ’ed over attacking Benoit's arm with a chair. DDP would make the save, but Benoit wasn't exactly excited about "getting DDP over." Benoit and Malenko would have an impressive showing at the World War 3 PPV on November 22, being two of the last five competitors. Benoit would end the year tag teaming with Malenko to face Barry Whindham and Curt Hennig, which would propel Benoit and Malenko into the tag team spotlight once again.

At Souled Out, January 17, 1999, Benoit fought Mike Enos in a hard match and Benoit won. Later that night after Ric and David Flair had defeated Curt Hennig and Barry Windham, a huge brawl between the 4 Horsemen and the nWo erupted, the nWo proved their strength in numbers and took out the 4 Horsemen. At Nitro, the following night, Benoit and the rest of the Horsemen saved Goldberg from a beating from the nWo Wolfpack.

The WCW tag team belts would be vacated in early February, and a tournament was formed to find new champions. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko were entered in the tournament, with the best tag team wrestler in history, Arn Anderson, by their sides.

They entered the semi-finals against Horace and Brian Adams of the nWo Black and White on February 25th and made history. After getting Horace laid out, Benoit climbed the 15 foot high steel cage and dove off the top, landing a headbutt and coming up with the win.

Benoit and Malenko would face off with Curt Hennig and Barry Windham in the finals. Benoit and Malenko had the deck stacked against them, when it was announced that Benoit and Malenko would have to defeat Hennig and Whindham twice to gain the titles.

At Superbrawl on February 21, Malenko and Benoit faced Hennig and Whindham for the tag belts. In a war of attrian, Malenko made Whindham submit in the Texas Cloverleaf, winning the first fall. Hennig would knock out Dean Malenko with a cowboy boot, and Whindham covered for the win.

On March 14 at Uncensored, Benoit and Malenko would face Whindham and Hennig for the tag team titles in a lumberjack strap match. After Arn knocked Whindham unconscious with a tire iron, Benoit pinned Whindham to earn his first recognized WCW gold.

Benoit and Malenko would soon be faced by old friends and now challengers Raven and Perry Saturn. They would defeat the duo at Spring Stampede on April 11, but lose their titles to them in a triangle match at Slamboree on May 9 with Rey Mysterio Jr. and Kidman as the other challengers. Malenko and Benoit weren't involved in the decision as Raven pinned Kidman.

Benoit and Malenko would ask for a rematch, but Ric Flair (who was commissioner at the time) gave the title shot to Bam Bam Bigelow and DDP. Benoit and Malenko force the disbanding of the Horsemen, and Malenko soon develops some back problems and becomes out of action. To reconcile with Benoit, Flair offers to tag with him against the new tag champs DDP and Bam Bam Bigelow. During the match for the titles on June 10, Flair ultimately walks out on the match, leaving Benoit in a handicap match. Perry Saturn comes to Benoit's aid, helping him defeat DDP and Bam Bam to win the tag belts for the second time. They would lose the belts three days later at The Great American Bash on June 13.

Benoit would face the Triad (DDP, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Kanyon) and Ric Flair with various partners, including Buff Bagwell, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko, but for the most part, Benoit went back to singles competition. Shane Douglas would form "The Revolution" with Benoit, Malenko, and Saturn, to combat the Triad. Benoit would lose to newly crowned U.S. champion David Flair, thanks to DDP in July. This would set up a match August 1 on Nitro between the two. Benoit would cleanly defeat him, but would be at the receiving end of multiple diamond cutters at the end of the match. Benoit would lose to Page at Thunder three days later, thanks to the help of David Flair gave DDP the U.S. title belt to use on Benoit.

Benoit would get his opportunity for some revenge on David Flair, when Dusty Rhodes signed him into a title match with Benoit. Benoit would easily win his first WCW U.S. title, with the Triad coming in too late to help David. After his win, Benoit stated, "Page, Sturgis, No DQ, for this title and I'll 2-time, 2-time Kick Your Ass!!"

Benoit would go on to defeat DDP at Road Wild on August 14, finally getting the respect he deserves. Benoit would lose the U.S. title at Fall Brawl on September 12 to Sid Vicious in controversial fashion, when Benoit made Sid tap, only for the referee not to call it. Sid powered out of the hold and went on to win the match.

Benoit would face Dean Malenko once again then next night on the September 13 Nitro, to see who would face Sting that night for the world title. Benoit won the exceptional match cleanly, shaking Dean's hand afterwards. Sting refused to give a title shot to Benoit, so Benoit would face Rick Steiner for the TV title. Benoit would win his first TV title that night. Benoit would face Sting a week later for the World title. In a match where Benoit had Sting beat, Lex Luger interfered in the match, causing Benoit to lose. Benoit-Sting had one of the highest quarter ratings in the history of Nitro. Benoit would lose the TV belt back to Rick Steiner at Halloween Havoc on October 24.

The WCW title would be vacated in late October, and a tournament to crown a new champion was underway. Benoit would defeat his friend Dean Malenko in the first round, his first woman opponent Madusa in the second, defeat Scott Hall in the semis, and found himself fights Bret Hart in the finals at Mayhem on November 21. He would lose the match after Bret Hart cheated, but Benoit showed that he was main event material.

Benoit would get his chance for gold as he faced U.S. champion Jeff Jarrett at Starrcade on December 19. Benoit would defeat him in a ladder match for the belt. At the next night's Nitro, Benoit would lose the return match due to a faulty ladder set up by the Powers that Be.

In January 2000, the WCW world title belt was vacated again and it was decided that the top two contenders were Chris Benoit and Sid Vicious. The two would meet at WCW's Souled Out on January 16. In what was a moment that every Benoit fan has been waiting for, Benoit would pin Sid Vicious and become the WCW heavyweight champion. However, unhappy with how he and his friends (Eddie Guererro, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn) were being booked, Benoit left the WCW the next day, and the ending was set up for Benoit having to give the belt back due to Sid's foot being on the ropes. Sid was declared champion, but Benoit would more on to bigger and better times in the WWF.

January 31 marked Benoit's debut in the WWF as he, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn sat in the front row of Raw. They soon had an altercation with the New Age Outlaws and soon became a thorn in the side of DX. Mick Foley soon campaigned to get the Radicals in, but HHH and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley refused his requests. After battling matches to get into the WWF, HHH ultimately gave the Radicals their contracts, commanding them to attack Mick Foley, which they did promptly. They soon feuded with Rikishi and Too Cool, losing to them at No Way Out on February 27, minus an injured Eddie Guererro.

Benoit would soon quest for his first WWF gold, as he would feud with Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle had both the Intercontinental title and the European title, and he would put them up against Benoit and Jericho at Wrestlemania 2000 on April 2 in a two fall triangle match. The first fall was for the Intercontinental title, which Benoit won after a diving headbutt and pin on Chris Jericho. Jericho would pin Benoit for the European title after a Lionsault, leaving Angle title-less.

Benoit and Jericho would have a bitter feud going for the I-C title, as Jericho had lost the European title to Eddie Guererro, thanks to Benoit. They would face off at Backlash on April 30. Benoit would win via a DQ when Jericho used a chair.

Benoit would lose the belt to Jericho on May 4's Smackdown!, and Benoit would lose to Kurt Angle at the Insurrextion UK PPV thanks to Jericho. Benoit began his second Intercontinental title reign on Raw, May 8, defeating Jericho once again. The feud would reach it's climax at Judgment Day on May 21, when Benoit would make Jericho submit in the Crippler Crossface.

Benoit would lose the Intercontinental title to Rikishi on the June 22 edition of Smackdown!. Benoit would face Rikishi in the quarter final round of the King of the Ring on June 25. Benoit would be DQ’ed after he attacked Rikishi with a chair--namely to his shoulder. Tazz and Benoit would attack it the next day on Raw.

Benoit would soon quest for the WWF title in July, attacking the champion, The Rock, on several occasions using the Crippler Crossface. Benoit would be befriended by Shane McMahon, who became an avid supporter of Benoit becoming champion. Benoit would win the WWF title at WWF's Fully Loaded on July 23, after the Rock DQ’ed himself in a match in which the WWF title can change hands via a DQ. However, commissioner Mick Foley ordered the match to continue, and Benoit would lose to the Rock.

The Y2J and Benoit feud would quickly resurface before SummerSlam. Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit clashed in two out of three falls match at SummerSlam on August 27. Benoit scored the first fall after a quick Crippler Crossface. Shortly after Jericho locked on the Walls of Jericho to win the second fall. The third and final fall became a lot more intense and ended when Jericho hit the Lionsault, but Benoit won the fall and the match after he rolled up Y2J and held onto the ropes.

Soon after the short ressurection of the legendary Y2J vs. Benoit feud, Chris was once again focused on capturing the WWF Title from The People's Champion. He quickly went after it along with two other individuals: Kane and The Undertaker. Now Benoit was playing in the big leagues with so many legends and hard hitters. At the PPV Unforgiven, Benoit faced these three in a 4 corners match for the WWF Title. It was thought Benoit had beaten Undertaker to win the title, but Mick Foley came out to proclaim that Taker's leg was in the ropes, so therefore the match was restarted and reached the point where The Rock obtained a Rock Bottom on Benoit to get the pin.

Benoit soon received another big push in the WWF, but it was not towards the Title. Instead, he feuded with none other than the Game, Triple H. The feud started after The Candian Crippler headbutted Mrs. Helmsley herself, Stephanie McMahon Helmsley, which fumed Hunter. The feud gained much hype as Benoit continued the classic phrases "Because I am the best damn technical wrestler in the WWF," with which HHH was planning to prove him wrong. At No Mercy, Triple H was granted a shot at Benoit he requested, and the match proved both men were amazing technical wrestlers. However, Triple H proved to be the Game by defeating Benoit, who now seemed to be in a slump with two straight losses at PPV's.

Soon after No Mercy, the Radicalz made a suprise reunion, and once again Chris Benoit had control of his fellow partners in the faction. They had many matches leading up to Survivor Series that focused on various members of the '98 D-Generation X, excluding Triple H who turned heel after a one - night reunion between former members of that DX. At Survivor Series, the Radicalz met up with Road Dogg, K-Kwik, Chyna, and Billy Gunn. With two survivors left on the team, the Radicalz emerged victorious.

Now Benoit started to go deeper into the roster, to a returner: a Rattlesnake. For one night on RAW, Benoit challenged Stone Cold Steve Austin to a "wrestling" match, in which Austin won after Benoit dominated the match. Afterwards, Benoit focused on a title he seemed to hold dear to him: the IC title. The current holder was Billy Gunn, who had won the title from fellow Radical Eddie Guerrero. At Armageddon, Benoit recaptured the title, ensuring him as a true champion.

Once again, the Y2J and Benoit feud erupted, and this led to one of Benoit's most classic matches thus far in the WWF. The two men met in a ladder match at the Royal Rumble, both proving themselves as great wrestlers as they had in years past. After an amazing Walls of Jericho performed by Jericho atop the ladder, Jericho reached for the title and emerged victorious.

The feud continued onto No Way Out in which Benoit participated in a four way match - up for the WWF Intercontinental Title against the champion, Jericho, X-Pac, and fellow Radical who he had clashed with recently, Eddie Guerrero. The Radicalz had problems during the match, and in the end Y2J retained his title. However, after the PPV, the Radicalz singled out Benoit and "kicked" him out of the group. Benoit defended himself well, but he needed some help. In the end, Benoit found a partner in the most unlikely person: Jericho.

With Y2J behind him, Benoit continued on his road to success to fight against the man who he won his first IC Title reign: Kurt Angle. The men grew into many discussions into who was more technical, and it was decided the two would meet at Wrestlemania XVII. In the end, Angle defeated Benoit, but Benoit struck back at Backlash, winning a 30 Minute Submission Match 4-3, then he defeated Angle again at Insurrextion, defeating Angle in a best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0. Along with it was the fact that Benoit had stolen Angle's "medals." However, Kurt would regain his medals at Judgment Day in another 2 out of 3 match, in which he won them by climbing a ladder in the 3rd match. This, however, would result in a victory later that night with the duo of Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit in the Tag Team Turmoil match, which earned them a title shot for the Tag Titles on RAW.

The two Chris-s had worked hard for the RAW following Judgment Day, and they did prove themselves by defeating Steve Austin and Triple H for the titles. However, the road for the new champs would not be easy, as the two participated in the first broadcasted TLC match that same week on Smackdown! The two showed that they were true champions by defeating The Hardyz, Edge & Christian, and The Dudleyz. The two would continue to have success, but they would find themselves facing problem by the name of Steve Austin. On a broadcast of Smackdown!, Benoit and Jericho defended the tag titles against the Dudley Boyz. During the match, Austin would cause them to lose the titles, but Steve would now have to face the two at King of the Ring for the WWF title. When it came time for KOR, Austin would prevail, but Benoit would have serious neck problems that would force him to take time out of the ring. Benoit would return on Smackdown in 2002, facing problems with Angle and a growing fued with the former Olympian, they were soon turned partners and were the first crowned Smackdown WWE Tag Team Champions. They would later lose those titles to Rey Mysterio and Edge during a 3 out of 2 falls match live on Smackdown. This began another fued between the two but they would go on and fight for those titles again later on at Survivor Series of that year. But Benoit and Angle never stayed on the same page and would turn out a huge match At the Royal Rumble 2003 that almost won Match of the Year. He was given a huge standing ovation though he lost it via a leg lock ankle submission. Rhyno would later team with Benoit but they were cut short with the two being put in the no reinstated United States title tourney. In shocking revenge, Rhyno, who had lost, would cause distraction for Benoit to lose at the Finals at Smackdown Vengeance to Eddie Guererro. Benoit would fight with Rhyno but soon was turned towards John Cena until the two were able to put aside their differences, especially after the 2003 Survivor Series when Cena and Benoit were the last two in an 8 man elimination match on Team Angle against Team Lesnar. Paul Heyman, who was the GM of Smackdown would give Benoit Hell as he stated Benoit would never ever get another title shot, but Benoit got his revenge when he entered the 2004 Royal Rumble. He was given #1 by Paul but through intense battling and damn good technique, he was able to get the Big Show out of the ring to win to another standing ovation at the Royal Rumble. In a nifty turn of events, he showed up on Raw and is now challenging Triple H and Shawn Micheals at Wrestlemania twenty to win his first ;) WWE World Heavyweight title.

In Japan - Winner of Super J Cup 1994 tournament (NJPW), Winner of Top of the Super Junior 1993 tournament (NJPW), Winner of Best of the Super Junior 1995 tournament (NJPW).
In North America - Won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship(WCW), Won the now retired WWE/F Intercontinental Championship 4 times (WWE/F), First ever WWE Smackdown Tag Champion, w/ Kurt Angle (WWE).
Intercontinental Championship
1. Won on April 2, 2000 in Anaheim, California by defeating Chris Jericho in a triple threat match (Kurt Angle was champion and the third individual involved in the match).
2. Won on May 8, 2000 in Uniondale, New York by defeating Chris Jericho.
3. Won on December 10, 2000 in Birmingham, Alabama by defeating Billy Gunn.
4. Won on July 29, 2002 in Greensboro, North Carolina by defeating Rob Van Dam.
Light Heavyweight Championship
1. Won on March 3, 1991 in Naucalpan, Mexico by defeating Villano III.
Tag Team Championships
1. Won on May 21, 2001 in San Jose, California by defeating Triple H and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (with Chris Jericho as his partner).
2. Won on October 20, 2002 in Little Rock, Arkansas by defeating Edge & Rey Mysterio (with Kurt Angle as his partner). (Note: The tag titles at this point were known as the WWE Smackdown Tag Belts because the original belts were being defending on Raw. Therefore, Angle and Benoit were the first ever winners of these tag belts.)
WCW Title Histories
World Championship
1. Won on January 16, 2000 in Cincinatti, Ohio by defeating Sid Vicious to win the title that was vacated by Bret Hart due to an injury. Benoit vacated the title the next day and left WCW to go to the WWF.
United States Championship
1. Won on August 9, 1999 in Nampa, Idaho by defeating David Flair.
2. Won on December 19, 1999 in Washington, D.C. Chris Benoit was scheduled to fight Scott Hall but due to an injury, Hall vacated the title and was awarded to Chris Benoit.
Word Tag Team Championship
1. Won on March 14, 1999 in Louisville, Kentucky by defeating Barry Windham and Curt Hennig (with Dean Malenko as his partner).
2. Won on June 10, 1999 in Syracuse, New York by defeating Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon (with Perry Saturn as his partner).
World Television Championship
1. Won on April 30, 1998 in Augusta, Georgia by defeating Booker T.
2. Won on May 2, 1998 in Charleston, South Carolina by defeating Booker T.
3. Won on September 13, 1999 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by defeating Rick Steiner.
Stampede Wrestling Title Histories
British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Championship
1. Won on March 19, 1988 in Calgary, Alberta by defeating Gama Singh.
2. Won on June 17, 1988 in Calgary, Alberta by defeating Johnny Smith.
3. Won on January 13, 1989 in Calgary, Alberta by defeating Johnny Smith.
4. Won on July 8, 1989 in Calgary, Alberta by defeating Johnny Smith.
International Tag Team Championship
1. Won on March 1, 1986 in Regina, Saskatchewan by defeating Wayne Ferris and Ron Starr (with Ben Bassarab as his partner).
2. Won on May 9, 1986 in Calgary, Alberta by defeating Wayne Ferris and Cuban Assassin (with Keith Hart as his partner).
3. Won on October 7, 1988 in Calgary, Alberta by defeating Cuban Commandos (with Lance Idol as his partner).
4. Won on April 8, 1989 in Calgary, Alberta by defeating Mahkan Singh and Vokkan Singh (with Biff Wellington as his partner).
Other Titles
NJPW's International Wrestling Grand Prix World Junior Heavyweight Title: Won on August 19, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan by defeating Jushin Liger .
ECW's World Tam Team Titles: Won on February 25, 1995 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by defeating Sabu and Tazmaniac (with Dean Malenko as his partner).
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