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My positive Raw notes .. w/o puddle of mudd

read here to understand the irony. But here they are.. Raw was pretty cool. I did enjoy Jericho versus Matt hardy since I really have been waiting to see them one on one since they did that TLC 3 match back on Smackdown a couple years ago :-p. But if they have Christian versus Jericho which is shipping up to be that way.. then I guess I can't complain either. You people may dislike christian but I have seen his matches from Japan with Edge and Rhyno and he isn't that bad of a talent. Benoit versus Flair was exactly what I thought it would be ^_^ not given enough time to be a classic but enough time to showcase that they both can tell a story through their moves. Kane versus his former tag partner.. what a joke.. why was this even a match.. tell me someone else wants Hurricane to go to Smackdown and reinvent the Crusierweight title ^-^ which would fit him more. The IC triple threat was just as entertaining as I thought it would be and the push that Orton is getting may just be the ticket to his fame. Though I do wish they had chosen batista.. you people haven't seen what he is capable of unless you watch the OVW dvds and specials. He can truly run circles around many of the lighter guys and he is practically Flair and Triple H combined. Flair's cardio with Triple H muscle.. hell yeah !!! Well those are my positive notes ^^ thank you

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